Informativa sulla privacy

Privacy Policy respects the personal data of its users who have registered for free on the site. Privacy policy, which is below, contains a copyright notice, terms and conditions of use and legal disclaimer and an explanation of the problem of personal data.


Included in all service materials may not be use on other websites. These are publications created by the editorial staff, or others, and therefore protected by copyright and their use is against the law.

Legal information and responsibility

Access to knowledge, that is, materials, publications, all content and subscribe to the list subskrbentow are free, and their authors are not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of their use. reserves the right to send marketing emails to that given in registrations of e-mail users . The Service reserves the right to block users who violated the rules of use or forum.

Collection of Personal Information

Service has a database of information about its users. Their application is voluntary and is needed to process the registration in the use of service. In general these are the names of users and required a valid e-mail address. Service gives you the ability to modify or completely remove your personal information from our database.

Sharing your user information does not share personal data and e-mail addresses of its users to any business entities or businesses in order to achieve material benefits or further processing. The data are properly secured and encrypted and accessible only to the operator

Cookies and IP

For technical reasons, greatly improving the efficiency of use of our service, we use cookies stored on your computer users and collect information about the IP address. Not making them, or deleting cookies may cause difficulties in using our service, for which the service is not responding. Cookies usually contain the domain name web site of origin, the time of storing them on a terminal device and a unique number. Cookies are computer data, especially text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user service

Cookies are not used to identify the user and based on them is not established the identity of the user. The types of cookies that we use:

Due to the life of cookies and other similar technologies, we use two basic types of files:

  • session - temporary files stored in the terminal equipment of a user to log out time, leave the website and the application or turn off the software (web browser)
  • persistent -stored in the terminal equipment of a user for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until their removal by the user.

Due to the objective pursued cookies and other similar technologies, use of the following types:

  • necessary for the operation of services and applications-enabling the use of our services, such as authentication cookies used for services that require authentication
  • files to ensure safety, such as used for the detection of fraud in the authentication
  • Performance - allowing the collection of information on the use of the websites and applications;
  • functional - allowing "memorize" selected by the user settings and user interface
  • customization, eg. for the selected language or region of origin of the user, the font size, the appearance of the website and applications, etc. statistics - for the counted statistics on websites and applications.