We invite you to read the site user agreement GoShow.tv The provisions of this Agreement shall govern the use of the portal GoShow and services contained therein. If you have any questions about the website please contact us via the contact form.


The terms of this agreement ("Agreement") govern the relationship between you and GoShow.tv concerning the use of the services on the website. In this Agreement "GoShow" (GoShow.tv) means Media Game LLC 113 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, DE 19711-3258, USA, as operator of the site.

User - a visitor to a website.

Website (Website, Service) - medium for presenting information via the Internet, the domain name www.goshow.tv with all subdomains within the page.

Content - The content of website, consisting of such content, including, but not exclusively, films, photographs, texts and images send and operated by third parties (or contractor) at their own expense and risk.

Contractor-a person offering services to the User via GoShow.

Account - a registered user account with the name.

Credits - money that the User can use exclusively via the website to be able to acquire the services of the Contractor.

Private show -private transfer between the User and the Contractor through GoShow.

Use of the Site

Access to the website is allowed only for people who are of legal age in accordance with the legislation of the country. The account is for personal use only and may not be transferred to third parties.

GoShow is not responsible for loss or disclosure of your password, which will cause a third party to access your account. In this case, the user is liable for damage sustained by the GoShow. To be able to use all parts of the Service, you must have internet, computer, camera, broadband access to the Internet and the latest versions of the software that is required. User declares that all information provided is true and correct.

The user declares that it will not transfer any personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses, instant messaging and any other measures that allow direct contact with users Goshow. ( This part of the Regulations does not apply to bookmarks "REAL").

You are fully responsible for all materials that may publish through the site. The users are prohibited incitement of sex with minors, sex with animals, to commit S & M, to self-mutilation and bondage and / or induce the contractor to commit acts which are inconsistent with any provisions of law in the country in which the user during use of the Service.

You are fully responsible for the communication materials that you can publish using this site, declares that it will refrain from the following: Diffusing on or via this side, of information which are defamatory, false, or refer to prostitution, zoophilia, paedophilia, and all the information which are regarded contrary with the best practice and morally wrong as well as all illegal information forbidden by the law. The user cannot threaten, to harass, to insult or to infringe of any laws of persons or the third subjects.

The user is taking note that, he cannot offend other users, unless wish themselves it. The user cannot run any commercial on the website as well as is declaring that he realizes that presented contents on the website can be vulgar and contain erotic plots (and pornographic), and can also generally be regarded as offensive contents.

Intellectual property

Goshow can not be held responsible for material published on its website. Image from a video camera, films and images remain in the management of every owner of the account, as the Goshow user. Please remember that images from the camera are live in the real time.

The user declares that it will not do any copies of the hand, or with video cameras and make available to third parties. The user declares that it owns the copyright to all its published materials on the site.

All intellectual property rights, and all similar rights vested in all services, products and information offered on this website are solely of the names and / or its legal representative. If you send texts, photos, audio and video recordings to GoShow or leaves them on the website, grants a license GoShow nonexclusive, worldwide and register for the above mentioned materials and protects GoShow against the legal representative of third party liability.

The user declares that it does not infringe the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to rights of intellectual or industrial property, such as trademarks, drawings, models, artists, patents, know-how, etc..) In Accordance with the Act, the law in the country and place of residence.


Created by collecting tips in any form (using for, transmitting private or other similar suggestion method) should be visible to other users (must be clearly from the visible through the video) and a small not be a recording or other method in Which the broadcast will not be shown live.

It is forbidden to offer payment in any form except the website. It is forbidden to use the programs allow for the presentation of films, photos or other content does not belong to the user. User acknowledge that GoShow.tv can not be a party to any dispute concerning the credits.

User private transmission that is not taken by private transmission is entitled to transmission during specified by transmitting its duration to be checked by a moderator proper course of transmission. In this case, the credits will be blocked until the transmission check by a moderator. (No longer than 7 days) and awarded one of the parties involved in the transmission.

Suspicious transactions to purchase credits, and their payments (particularly likely to be an attempt to defraud, and actions to be put into legal circulation of money or other property values derived from illegal sources) will result in suspension of payments and lock the user account.


Payment transfers are confirmed every 15th and 30th of each month. Delivery time up to 7 business days. Current value of credits of the user in the LCY is visible after log on on the side. Details in relation to payments are on the menu of the "Payment".

In case of the breaking of the law or the suspicion of the breaking of the law, GoShow will be cooperating with competent law enforcement agencies. Every user which isn't following principles and clauses of this regulations is suffering all consequences, without the possibility of making any complaints to GoShow, as well as his account immediately will be stopped, without the possibility of the return of credits.

Clicking on the button [ accepted ], you can pass on www.goshow.tv and you are declaring that you will be using the service according to general rules and conditions of applying and following of all principles.

GoShow is guaranteeing only a role of the passive technical transmitter to the purpose of distribution and providing it data on the website. Under no circumstances GoShow isn't bearing liabilities for message bodies published, spread and handed over.

The law and the competent court

Disputes arising from this Conditions or from using the Service will be settled by the Court competent for GoShow, except for competence concerning provisions which require other judge or the court, which one should recognize too appropriate.