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52 years old



Country Polska

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Body Type Chubby

Height 167 cm

Hair Type Straight

Hair Length To Shoulders

Hair Color Blonde

Eyes Blue

I am the one who many just be dreaming, I am the one who many not be daring. I am the one who raised the head of the old River flows. I am the one who everyone wants and should be. You want to know who I am? I am a simple, at the same time, a remarkable person. The secret lies in the fact that I'm just each other. I'm a border between madness and reason between fantasy and fear between energy and pure non-being between beauty and a rejection of the border I am desires, so thin that not to cross, the edge I'm the courage so fierce that fear ... the peace I was so quiet that in the ears, I'm hearing rumbles sound on the border of ... Self, exceed can not!

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