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47 years old, Bielsko-biaŁa



Country Polska


Sexual Orientation Transexual

Body Type Normal

Height 171 cm

Hair Type Straight

Hair Length Short

Hair Color Gray

Piercing Yes

Eyes Brown

I like sex przeruzny = cyber waalenie kutaska sniffing licking panties. Call the panties of women wąccham lize into step shaft kutasska. Podobajom me kutaski in knickers and panties nakłam on kutaska and go to the women's maajtek spuszczam, waale, makes me przyjemniśc and a great super orgasm. I like the guys in women's panties and zwłaszcze as nakładajom panties we, daughters zonki siorki frenzy. I like podbiream panties women with bathrooms such as dajom to wash then som super panties pachnom pizdom and slizem women I love zlizywac with panties and wachac and kutaska trysskac and bang to panty female = frenzy = I already s toi Dick I need it seriously modego waiting for volunteers at lubiom panties zonek, siorek, MOM, aunts zonek and friends of women, panties with cipeczki som naj naj naj naj better frenzy

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